My first test using webdriver (aka Selenium 2.0)!

As many say, a good solution to selenese flu is Webdriver (see more at

Webdriver has been accepted by the Selenium guys as the new approach to web application testing, opposed to the classical “selenium 1.0” approach, based on a javascript driver, which suffers from way too many issues.
Unfortunately, Selenium 2.0, which plan to fully support Webdriver, is still on an alpha release, and actually is very difficult to find ruby-based web testing tools supporting this alpha version of selenium 2.0.
One of those tools is actually Watir (though Webrat too is planning to support Selenium 2.0 sooner or later), and more precisely this project is quite stable to allow a first test drive.

So this is what I did:

First: installed required gems

  sudo gem install selenium-webdriver
  sudo gem install watir-webdriver --pre

Second: configure my Rails testing configuration to use watir

  config.gem "watir-webdriver"
  require 'test_help'
  require 'watir-webdriver'

Third: write a test

require 'test_helper'

class PaypalIntegrationTest < ActionController::IntegrationTest
  include LocaleHelper
  self.use_transactional_fixtures = false

  def setup
    ... some setup stuff here ...   
    @browser =

  def teardown

  test "something interesting" do
    @browser.goto ""
    @browser.text_field(:name, "login_email").set ""
    @browser.text_field(:name, "login_password").set "mysecret"
    @browser.button(:name, "submit").click

    @browser.goto "https://localhost", 'loginlink').click
    @browser.text_field(:name, "email").set
    @browser.text_field(:name, "password").set @user.password
    @browser.button(:text, "Login").click

    # add_a_product_to_cart
    product = Factory(:product, :code => "a code", :categories => [@juve_store])
    Factory(:product_variant, :code => "03", :availability => 99, :product => product)
    @browser.goto "https://localhost/frontend/products/show/#{}"
    @browser.button(:id, "add_to_cart").click, "Checkout").click, "gotobuy").click

    # choose "Paypal"
    @browser.radios.last.set, "gotobuy").click

    sleep 5
    assert @browser.text.include?("Payment for order #{last_order_number()}")

    @browser.text_field(:name, "login_email").set ""
    @browser.text_field(:name, "login_password").set "yetanothersecrethere"
    @browser.button(:text, "Accedi").click
    @browser.button(:text, "Paga ora").click

    sleep 5
    assert @browser.text.include?("Il pagamento è stato inviato")

    @browser.button(:id, "merchantReturn").click
    assert_contain_waiting("Your purchase")



  def last_order_number
    Order.last ? Order.last.number : ""


Some comments here:

  • This is a spike, so please don’t say this test is too long and not well refactored
  • I had to put two sleep calls in two places (I gotta say that this specific test, involving paypal sandbox, is really slow due to the slowness in the paypal response time).
  • Anyway, this alpha version of webdriver is still lacking: I cannot say wheather this is a problem I’ll have even with future (possibly more stable) version of Webdriver.

Some references:

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