Michael Feathers on TDD

Una breve riflessione di Michael Feathers sul TDD, passando per i mock objects per finire sulla necessita’ di adottare pratiche che “costringano” a ragionare e riflettere sul nostro codice.

Interessante anche l’excursus sulla storia dei mock objects, nati in Connextra

The story I heard was that it was all started by John Nolan, the CTO of a startup named Connextra. John Nolan, gave his developers a challenge: write OO code with no getters.  Whenever possible, tell another object to do something rather than ask.  In the process of doing this, they noticed that their code became supple and easy to change.

La frase chiave:

We need practices which help us achieve continuous discipline and a continuous state of reflection.  Clean Room and TDD are two practices which, despite their radical differences, force us to think with absolute precision about what we are doing.


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